What are the odds of that?

Missing left-wing brains

Apparently a university hospital in Germany has misplaced the brains of three radical left-wing protestors who committed suicide in 1977:

After the three extreme leftists committed suicide in prison in 1977, their brains were taken to a university hospital in southern Tuebingen for autopsy, but the brains are no longer there and their whereabouts are unknown.

“When I took over the institute in 1990, the brains were not there, although they were still listed in our files,” Richard Meyermann, head of the hospital’s institute for brain research, told Reuters. He said it was unlikely they were stolen.

The announcement comes days after the daughter of gang co-leader Ulrike Meinhof discovered her mother’s brain was being kept in a box in Magdeburg University in eastern Germany.

I am probably asking the obvious, but … what in sam hell is going on in Germany these days?

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