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Jerry Lewis and French diplomacy

Heh. Los Angeles DJ Ralph Garman decided to play a hoax — so he called up French president Jacques Chirac, and claimed to be Jerry Lewis. The two had a very warm conversation, according to Entertainment Weekly:

Chirac … talked freely about why he isn’t supporting an attack on Iraq, noting, ”The resolution [Bush] wanted to send [to the United Nations] a few days ago says [Iraq] has one week before the attack, and that is not reasonable, you know… In fact, the United States has already won the war, because Saddam now accepts [sic] to be disarmed from the inspectors. They’ve won.”

Chirac also expressed appreciation for at least one of Bush’s prewar tactics: ”Without the boys [the military] sent over there, we would not have had the result of Saddam accepting to disarm. But now that we’ve achieved that, we can avoid war. The United States has to be very careful, because if people hold this against them, it’s not good for the equilibrium of the world.”

Chirac then invited the faux Lewis to visit him in Paris, noting, ”Understand one thing: France and I will always be friends with America, even if we have two different views of this problem.”

Lewis himself was unimpressed. ”Jerry is outraged that this impersonation occurred, especially at this critical time in the conduct of foreign policy,” Alan Isaacman, Lewis’ attorney, told EW.com.

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