Xtreme Ebaying

Some people like to buy knickknacks on Ebay. Some people like to buy a lot of knickknacks on Ebay. And some people function like the black holes of knickknackery, acquiring so many metric tons of ceramic gnomes and “glass art” that their homes develop their own fields of gravity and exert a small but measurable pull on the moon.

This guy’s mother falls into the third camp. So he went onto the Something Awful forums and posted a handful of pictures that function as a horrified tour of his mother’s house, complete with hilarious captions. The snapshot above is from his mother’s living room, where she keeps her paperweight collection. But my personal favorite is the murky picture of her bedroom, which is crammed full to the ceiling with Fedex boxes. The caption:

And here’s my mom’s bedroom. You were probably expecting a bed or something. It’s there, somewhere underneath all those boxes. My mom decided storing this stuff is more important that having a place to sleep. So where does my mom sleep? Remember that 2/3rds of a couch back in the living room? Yep, every night. No I don’t know what’s in any of these boxes either. Most of them are from eBay and have never been opened, just put straight on the pile.

(Thanks to Rob for this one!)

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