Comments working again, again

After breaking my blogging-fast last week, I awoke to discover that my commenting system was b0rked yet again. This time, apparently what happened was spambots pounded my comment script so ferociously — 13,000 calls in one day — that my hosting service,, shut down all access to the script, so that not even I had the ability to restore the permissions. The long story is that I had to update to the latest version of Movable Type and install a plugin called AutoBan that attempts to help prevent flood attacks.

When I was young, did my mother sit me on her knee and say, “Son, one day you’ll spend two entire workdays revamping your blog’s code so that you can thwart spambot flood attacks?” No, she did not. Yet here we are, sigh.

Anyway, comments are up and working again!

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