Help me decide on a template! (Loooong post.)

Hmmm, I need a better looking skin that this one. The only problem is that I suck horribly at design.

So I’ve been trolling through to look at freebie designs to use. I went through them alphabetically and stopped at the I’s. Of the ones I’ve seen, here are the possibilities so far. My favorites:

- Carabeth Blue (very cool. My top favorite so far.)
- Turquoise and Cream (very American-Prospect-ish, eh?)
- Band Aid (I like the band-aid, though I’d probably replace it. Simple, crams a lot in.)
- American Currency (staid colors, but cool layout)
- Earthy Boxes on a Hillside (I’d definitely change the color scheme, but the layout kicks ass)
- Grey River
- “Goes Down Smooth” (great style, but not sure the layout’ll suit me)
- and then i said
- In Deep Water (super layout, bad colors)

And some runners-up:

- Hey Green (great layout, but I’d tweak the color prolly)
- three-column gothic (good organization, but I’d have to change that inky scheme)
- Massacre Face (demented)
- Blue is for boys (about as plain as you can get, but good interface)
- Blogscape Dual White Tables (super-busy, but allows for tons of stuff on the first page)
- Blue’s Clues (man, people really like the color blue in blog design! I find it hard to read on that background. Pretty, though.)
- Bold Lines, Modified (whoa — Mondrian-esque! One of the prizewinners in the Blogger Template Design Contest this summer) - “Cadet”

A final thought: People who use black backgrounds for their blogs must be on crack or something. I mean, jesus.

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