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I’m adamantly opposed to the idea of invading Iraq, for moral, political and realpolitikal reasons. And like many people from all political stripes, I frequently complain about how Americans are too “apathetic” about “the issues of today” — and how they won’t get off their asses and do something about it. I’m a crank. I mean, I can be so insufferably earnest about this stuff that you’d want to punch me out.

But, I gotta admit, even I was wondering about the, uh, utility of this latest protest: “West Marin Women Strip For Peace.”

Apparently, a few dozen women in West Marin County stripped to the bare essentials yesterday to spell out the word PEACE on a damp, slightly rainy field. Of the photo of the event, the organizer said:

“I’m hoping it gets distributed so that the message gets across that women in America want peace,” said Clarkson. “I want to do everything I can to stop the war that’s impending.”

Marshall resident Donna Sheehan, who organized the group called “Unreasonable Women” for the photo, said she’s been pondering for four years a way women can “be heard on a very deep level.”

(The photo is by Art Rogers; the item comes courtesy Plastic, where there’s a predictably hilarious discussion going on. “If this is peace,” as one wit wrote, “call me a pacifist.”)

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