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The Core producer defends his craptastic science

Oh, this is delightful. A couple of days ago, I posted about the singularly awful science errors in the sci-fi movie The Core. Apparently, the film’s science has been so viciously lambasted that the producer recently freaked out — and wrote a letter to the North County Times, attacking their review of The Core, and defending his creation. To quote, in part:

When I read that “The Core” suffers from “a preposterous plot, cliched characters, and silly special effects,” I realized Pack didn’t do his homework. If he had checked with your science editor or searched the real core online, he would have found out that many geophysicists and deep earth scientists believe we will be down there soon enough.

Two Ph.D.s from Cal Tech/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, one Ph.D. from the University of California, and one Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia laid out the science for us so that it would be real. If Pack thinks our plot is preposterous, then our team of geophysicists are all wrong, which I seriously believe is not the case. If Pack was alive and well in the ’50s and ’60s, he probably would have said we’d never walk on the moon or land on Mars. He might even have called those two monumental events preposterous as well.

The characters in our film were shaped by the scientists referred to above. They’re all well-known and highly respected in their field and helped the writers, the director, and the actors so they’d behave like real scientists do today. We also had three astronauts as technical advisors work with the rest of our cast. One was Col. Susan Helms, of the Air Force and NASA who guided Hilary Swank. In other words, we took great pains to be accurate in our technology, science, and behavior. So, I guess real scientists and real astronauts are cliched, according to Pack.

Okay, whatever, so he found a couple of scientists who’ll back up the scientific validity of CONTINUITY ERRORS SO HUGE YOU CAN DRIVE A TRUCK THROUGH THEM. Still, there’s one question. Considering the movie’s science has been mocked in places ranging from The Onion to the New York Times, what precisely drove this guy so bonkers about a review in … the North County Times?

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