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This is excellent. A bunch of UFO conspiracy nuts have created an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator — which simulates a TR-3B Astra Locust, a supposed antigravity-style plane being engineered at Area 51. Load this freeware into MFS, and you can pilot your own UFO! From their web site:

This TR-3B is a heavy tactical reconnaissance aircraft equipped with a magnetic field disruptor that reduces the weight by 89 percent (it is not the same as anti-gravity, though). It has been created for FS2002 PRO, but will run on FS2002 as well. All gauges are included.

The TR-3B can float like a speedboat at Mach 1.5 over water, fly like a heavy helicopter, like a bush plane, a business jet, like a military jet and lift like a rocket. Cruise speed is approx Mach 4.7 at FL340 and above, and approx Mach 2 at sea level. Service ceiling approx 69,000 feet ASL. Super stable.

The ergonomic new age panel (over 130 gauges!) can be switched between shades of holographic titanium and has digital and analog gauges, including autopilot, engine controls, GPS coupled NAV, ADF, VOR/NAV, 3D HUD, 2D ILS HUD, engine controls, light controls, NAV/COM, AIradar, cabin crew calls, including a fully referenced kneeboard and FS2002 ATC & MAP enabled. The panel has slightly changed now, leaving out a few redundant gauges.

Extensive documentation, including graphic panel chart, helps you learning to fly this complex craft. You will need a mouse and joystick with both hands to operate this craft.

The picture above illustrates the size of a TR-3B, compared to a 747. You gotta go to this site and check out the screenshots of the instrument panel for this craft.

Looks like that looooong graphic is stretching my blog template sideways. Oh well!

(Thanks to Boing Boing for finding this one!)

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