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Okay, that’s a slightly misleading headline. It’s not pimping so much as barter. My friend the artist El Rey has set up an intriguing barter system on his web site. Instead of paying for his art with cash, you can check out a list of various things he needs, for which he’s willing to trade art. Got anything on this list that you don’t need?

Bulk coffee (I bet this is a surprise)
PC peripherals and upgrades (decent video or sound cards, ink cartidges for a Lexmark Z32, blank CD-Rs)
Any Tekken for the PS1
A desktop paper cutter (12” or so? probably no bigger that 18”)
Tubes of acrylic paint
Junky old guitars/mandolins/ukes/banjos/
A working cassette 4-track recorder (doesn’t have to be super-fancy)
Beat-up old (but not cracked) mirrors for my back deck
A fishtank with all the pieces (filter, stand, etc.), for the kitchen (say, 20 gal. and up)

Send it to him and take your pick of his current paintings, a pictorial list of which are online here. (That’s only a partial list I’ve reprinted above, by the way; check his site for the full list of barter items.)

It’s pretty freakin’ excellent art; I personally have five El Reys, making my walls happy as we speak. Though I’m starting to think I also need a “Tickle the Pig” print. Hmmm.

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