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As you may have read, Courtney Love has just been booked on drug charges for alleged illegal possession of prescription drugs — including Oxycontin. At which point you may have thought, hmmm, waitaminute, Oxycontin … doesn’t that ring a bell?

Indeed it does. It’s precisely the same drug that Rush Limbaugh recently admitted to buying by the boxload. The confluence of these two incidents prompted Steven Johnson to muse on his blog:

The other day I was reading some of the appalling stories about Courtney Love and her take-your-daughter-to-your-overdose parenting strategy. And suddenly it occurred to me that this latest Love scandal was perfectly — one might say deliciously — timed. Just as all the Dittoheads are coordinating their message that Rush Limbaugh was only using “prescription medication” and thus wasn’t some kind of debased drug addict, the ultimate incarnation of everything Limbaugh hated in the drug-addled, Hollywood long-hair, rock-n-roll, ‘dead doper’ milieu — Courtney Love, god bless her — goes and overdoses on the very same drug that Limbaugh was abusing. If people who’ve had a long dalliance with heroin, and who no doubt could get their hands on some if they wanted to, are nonetheless choosing Oxycontin, you know there’s something more than just “prescription medication” at play here.

It’s just too rich.

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