Proverbs 30:29-31

Search-query poetry

When you have a blog or a web site, you quickly realize that many people are stumbling across your site because of a Google search. There are plenty of tools that can analyze your log files and tell you precisely what Google searches people are typing that lead to your blog. (Back in the fall, I discovered — to my mild horror — that I was a first-page result for “upskirting” on Google, because of a post I once made about mobile-phone voyeuring. Thankfully, these days I seem to have fallen back to the third page of results.)

Now bloggers have started to collect together the weirdest searches that led to them. One cool site in this regard is Disturbing Search Requests. Another one is Search Extract Poetry — searches assembled into often-striking bits of verse:

the most unevenly matched game of Twister
and you for me So…
Right there!
Something had gone terribly wrong…
Oh, wait!

Unfortunately, the site hasn’t been updated for a year or so.

(Thanks to Jessica for this one!)

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