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A couple of years ago, Disgruntled Worker was the go-to web site for hilarious stories of workplace idiocy and the infinite moronicity of one’s superiors. In a bit of gorgeous irony, the site recently shut down after the editor quit over “wages, benefits and working conditions at this magazine”.

Now the mantle has been passed to clientcopia, a site devoted to “stupid client quotes” — comments made by people for whom you are forced to work, and whose intelligence asymptotically approaches zero. Scan the Top 20 if you want the highlights, but I found it just as much fun to go through them all sequentially. Each individually is funny (and sad), but the effect only truly builds up if you read about 30 in a row. One of my faves:

Client: Could you use a different font for every name, you know make it cool.

Me: Uh, that’s probably not going to look so good, it’ll be all cluttered and ugly

Client: No, it’ll look cool, so let’s do it.

after doing what they want…

Client: Now it looks all cluttered.

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