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One of the big criticisms you hear about online dating is that people aren’t quite honest in describing themselves. So along comes, a site where people post reviews of those they’ve had dates with — and link to the original ad that sucked them in. As an example, here’s an ad on JDate, from a guy looking for “a date” or “a long-term relationship”:

Hi,I am a caring, thoughtful, kind & romantic man.I’m originally from Israel,I grew up in Canada. I enjoy meeting new people and doing new things. I have alot to offer and alot to give,and I am looking for that special woman to share it all with.

And here’s the review, written by a woman that went on a date with him …

His profile says that he is caring, thoughtful, and romantic. But when you meet him in person, he is definitely none of the above. Within the first 20 of meeting you - on the first date, he will try to force you to have sex with him. HE WILL DEFINITELY TRY FORCING HIMSELF ON YOU. He is not romantic because all he wants and all he can think of is sex. And he is definitely not thoughtful because no matter how many times you tell him that you don’t want to have sex, he won’t respect that! Girls, if you are only into sex, then he is the perfect guy for you!

It’s a really funny idea, but I have no idea how this service is going to survive its first libel suit. Though clearly the people running TrueDater are worried about this: Interestingly, I can’t link to the individual reviews, because — possibly to avoid the mass online mockery of individual daters by the blogosphere — doesn’t generate unique URLs for either their reviews or the original ads being reviewed.

(Thanks to Wired News for this one!)

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