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When good octopi go bad

Okay, so — the Seattle aquarium had a couple of Giant Pacific Octopi, and for logistical reasons they had to temporarily put one of them in a tank holding several sharks. They figured the octopus would be okay because it can change color to conceal itself from predators. But over the next week, the marine scientists came into work to find sharks are lying dead on the floor of the aquarium. Whatever was going on? They stayed around one evening and trained a camera on the water to see.

The result? Behold live footage of an octopus kicking the living crap out of a shark. It’s just mind-blowing: First, it skulks in the rocks, waits for the shark to swim by — then jumps up, wraps its tentacles around, and totally wails on the fish. I mean, seriously, that shark got 0wned.

Man. When the cephalopods finally rise up? We are so not ready.

(Thanks to Majikthise for this one!)

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