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What’s your egoSurf ranking?

As if bloggers didn’t have enough ways to fret about their popularity, here cometh egoSurf: A tool to precisely calibrate how much of a winner — or loser — you are in the blogosphere. Type in your name, the URL of your blog, and egoSurf will crank out a number on the dial showing your cyberspatial with-it-ness, represented as a number of “egopoints”.

How does it work? Eh: Probably some bouquet of the usual PageRank-like reputation-sniffing algorithms. The egoSurf guys don’t actually spell it out, though their FAQ is pretty wry:

Why do I need to egoSurf?

egoSurf helps massage the web publishers ego, and thereby maintain the cool equilibrium of the net itself.

Why are my ego points changing?
We love this planet

We also love egos, but the reality is that they need nurturing and feeding. Over time, without the love and attention they so rightfully deserve, they start to wane. And so it is with your egopoints. No longer can you expect to strut the top of the ego rankings. Oh no.

Egopoints now biodegrade. They have an atomic half-life.

That’s my egoSurf ranking above! Though I have no idea how it compares to other people. Anyone else out there — what’s your egorank?

(Thanks to the J-Walk blog for this one!)

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