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Model writes book solely on the computers in Apple store

Dig this: Isobella Jade is 5’2” struggling model who recently wrote a memoir about her life experiences — entirely on the computers at a Manhattan Apple store. Apparently Jade has been homeless, so she doesn’t have a place to own or store a computer. One day she walked into the Apple store to check her Yahoo mail, and started writing notes about her life. She never stopped, wrote an entire book, aned now she’s shopping it around.

FishbowlNY broke the story yesterday, and today they conducted an interview with her via email — also written, presumably, from the Apple store. An excerpt:

I stood at the Apple Store infront of a 17inch computer the one that I call “mine.” I had been going to the store at the time for about 9 months. As I stood in heels for up to 2 hours at a time, my contacts and my mouth would go dry and without a blink of the eye I would pace back and forth from writing about my experiences to DOING the experience and the daily tasks of responding to emails, researching modeling jobs and places to send my comp cards. I was always in a rush running into and out of the Apple Store up to 3 times a day … I have laughed out loud over it, typed frantically and received comments from employees to slow down and breath while I was staring at the screen viciously, vigorously. Sometimes asking a business man how to spell a word or two …

I love it. Personally, I’d been waiting for someone to get $10 million in VC funding for a Web 2.0 startup they created entirely inside an Apple store. You’d have pretty excellent business cards, eh?

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