Back online, finally

So, I’m finally back posting — after a two week hiatus. But there’s one big change: From now on, anyone who wants to post comments will have to sign in using the free TypeKey system. Why?

Because of comment spam. The whole reason this site crashed two weeks ago was because I’d received so much comment spam — about 10,000 messages in the last year — that it had corrupted my database. The only way to get the blog back up and running was to upgrade to the next version of Movable Type. But then I had a bigger problem: My spam-blocking software, MT-Blacklist, for some reason isn’t compatible with this new version of Movable Type. Since I can’t use it to block spam, the only other way to prevent a new flood of spamming is to require that anyone who wants to post has to sign in. That, theoretically, should prevent any spambots from posting here. (Or so I pray.)

The downside, of course, is that I suspect the commenting will be far less lively around here, which sucks. I far prefer it when someone can instantly and anonymously leave a comment. It creates a far more dynamic — if occasionally psychotic — atmosphere of debate, which I enormously enjoy; one of the main reasons I blog is to read the wildly perceptive and informative comments that people leave here. I suspect that requiring people to register before they comment will eliminate half, or more, of the one-time commenters who pass through this blog, and it may well chase away most of those who otherwise would become regular commenters. Sigh.

There’s a slim chance that I’ll eventually figure out what’s wrong with Blacklist, and get it working. If I do, terrific! Then I can probably get rid of the registering, and re-open it to anonymous, unregistered posters.

In the meantime, I heartily encourage any of this blog’s longtime posters to go over to TypeKey and get a registration I.D. so you can keep posting here! It only takes about 53 seconds, really, and you only have to do it once. Whine, plead, whine.

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