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This blog will now be known as the “Oubliette of Sepulchral Chaos”

One of my favorite parts of early, monster-infested first-person shooters was the names they’d give to the levels. Every time I reached a new level in Quake — “Dimension of the Doomed”, “House of Chthon”, “The Ebon Fortress” — I would quiver with laughter at the I’m-being-ironic-well-maybe-I’m-not aesthetic of John Romero.

Thus, I was thrilled to discover the “First-Person Shooter Level Name Generator”. Pick the style of your imaginary level — “military”, “gothic”, “alien”, “industrial”, etc. — the various other vectors (such as whether it’s characterized by “slime” or “fire”, or whether it contains “Satanic words” or “Lovecraftian words”), and presto: It churns out a stylin’ level name. I quickly generated such delights as …

Entering Azathoth’s Sepulchral Corridors

Zeus’ Forbidden Zone

In Yog-Sothoth’s Citadel of Hate

Crumbling Keep of Torment

Cathedral of Sickening Ruin

You could probably use this thing to generate the name for your next corporate project.

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